The Man Who Made Album Covers Sing

John Berg has died.  You may not know his name, but you know his work. I guarantee it. Berg was Columbia Records’ Grammy-winning art director, the man responsible for some of the most iconic album covers of all time. The New York Times calls him the man who made album covers sing. His work includes…
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Jonathan And Charlotte

Next week on WDAZ News @5, we’ll talk from London with Jonathan and Charlotte. Their story is a terrific one.

Jack And Duke

Thanks to Mike Brue for bringing our attention to this obit in the New York Times recently.  Jack Towers was one of a couple NDSU students behind what became a legendary, Grammy Award-winning album called “Duke Ellington at Fargo, 1940 Live” recorded at Fargo’s Crystal Ballroom. It’s a great story. Thanks again, Mike.

Tom Brosseau

This evening on WDAZ News @5, Tom Brosseau performs for us.

Tom Brosseau

Next week on WDAZ News @5, Tom Brosseau