Marilyn, Peggy And John

Shortly after the election in November, a piece of presidential memorabila goes on the auction block. Well, sort of presidential. The skin-tight, highly sequined gown Marilyn Monroe wore on the occasion in 1962 when she breathily and memorably sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy. The dress, which has been mostly out of the spotlight, so to speak,…
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Is That All There Is?

It’s book report time once again, boys and girls.  The book in question this time is James Gavin’s new biography Is Is That All There Is?: The Strange Life of Peggy Lee. Full disclosure first.  I have been a Peggy Lee fan since I was fifteen.  In between Beatles and Rolling Stones album purchases, I’d…
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Peggy Lee Tribute

On what would have been her 92nd birthday, singer/songwriter Peggy Lee was honored last night at The Stage at Island Park in Fargo.   I had great fun talking with Holly Foster Wells, Peggy’s grandaughter, and other family members who flew in from Los Angeles to help open the Midland Continental Depot Transportation Museum at Wimbledon, North…
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Peggy Tribute

Thirty Five Years In As Many Minutes

The other night I spoke to the 1,021st meeting of the Franklin Club in Grand Forks. It’s true. Franklin Club has been meeting monthly (nine months a year) for more than one hundred years. Ginny and I have been members for quite a few of those years. Dedicated to the memory of Benjamin Franklin, who was interested…
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