Here’s a link to our conversation with Marilyn Hagerty on WDAZ News @5.

Marilyn Hagerty

Grand Forks Herald columnist and author Marilyn Hagerty will be with us this evening on WDAZ News @5 to talk about her new book written with Anthony Bourdain.

Debate Topics

Had a interesting evening last night helping moderate the Young Professionals Grand Forks Mayoral Debate between Mayor Michael Brown and City Council member Tyrone Grandstrand.  Thanks to Stacey, Evan and all the other YPers and to co-moderator Marilyn Hagerty. Thanks, also, to Red River High School for the use of the hall.  The hall in this case…
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My Sources Tell Me

My sources tell me…. *  Marilyn Hagerty is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live next week. *  Marilyn Hagerty is demanding that from now on her Herald byline read “Internet Sensation Marilyn Hagerty.” *  Marilyn Hagerty is demanding “hair and makeup” at the Herald. *  Marilyn Hagerty has been asked to host the Oscars…
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