Snow Blowin’ Blues

Yesterday was the perfect day for Penumbra to be with us on WDAZ News @5, what with the threat of inclement weather and all.  The group performed their new tune “Snow Blowin’ Blues” for us.  It’s a song about winter weather set to a much warmer beat. Steve Rand and Jeff Anvinson wrote the song over…
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Tomorrow on WDAZ News @5, we’ll chat with trumpter Chris Botti about his new album Impressions.

Chris Botti

We’re going to be talking soon on WDAZ News @5 with the wonderful Chris Botti.

What A Wonderful World

Just finished reading What a Wonderful World:  The Magic of Louis Armstrong’s Later Years by Ricky Riccardi.  In the last twenty years of his life, it seems the jazz great was criticized from just about every corner.  For critics, his music then wasn’t as good as it once was, his stage show relied too heavily…
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