You Want Sugar With That (Lefse)?

Lefse season is well underway. Lefse-making season and, for me, lefse-eating season. For those unaware of the potato-based Norwegian delicacy, I would just say I feel very badly for you. But, if you are very, very good, when you die and go to Heaven, I believe, waiting for you there just inside the Pearly Gates will be a nice warm, freshly-made batch.…
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cheez whiz

Funeral Food

The other day I mentioned casually on Facebook that a nice neighbor of ours had come to the door with a Tupperware container full of tuna noodle hot dish (minus the crumbled potato chips for the top).  I added snarkily something about it being almost as much fun as attending at a Lutheran funeral. Well, that seemed to wake up the Internets a bit.…
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The Calories That Don’t Count

Without a doubt the New Year’s resolution most often made (and broken) is the resolution to lose weight. It’s been said that calories don’t count. But tell that to your bathroom scale after a long Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s holiday eating season. Still, I believe there are certain calories that don’t count, or at least, shouldn’t count…
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Kim Holmes

Grand Forks does things a little differently sometimes. For example, instead of buildings, it names “lift stations” after people like Marilyn Hagerty and Dave Barry. A new tradition now, perhaps. Last night the alley that runs behind Sanders 1907 restaurant was renamed “Kim Holmes Alley of Love.” To me it seems like just yesterday that…
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fish kitchen two

Gone Fishing

If it’s Lent, that must mean fish dinners, right? There are a bunch of them throughout the region.  I got the chance to help serve the one at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Grand Forks last evening. Earlier in the season, the Bishop acted as guest server.  Talk about going from your sacred to your…
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