Guys On Ice

Going to be part of Guys on Ice next month, they tell me.  Guys on Ice is a “cheesy little musical” about ice fishing in Wisconsin. Guys on Ice runs February 12 – 15, 19 – 21 and 26 – 28.  Reserve your tickets at TicketMaster and we’ll see you there.  You betcha!


Just one more little post about Dearly Departed. Thanks to the stellar cast and crew for welcoming a civilian into your theater community, especially my long suffering “wife” Theresa Knox who made it easy and so much fun for me. Thanks to Pat & Lana for the invitation and to Kathy and Nicole for the…
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Dearly Departed

Here’s a link to a Grand Forks Herald article about Dearly Departed.

Dying Is Easy

It’s one of my very favorite quotes.  “Dying is easy.  Comedy is hard.”  It’s most often attributed to celebrated Shakespearean actor Edmund Kean.  Supposedly they are the last words he uttered on his death bed before kicking the bucket. I’ll be find out a little something about both dying (on stage) and comedy on Friday night.  Some of us usual…
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A Plaid Thanks

Thanks to the cast of “Forever Plaid:  Plaid Tidings” at the Firehall Theatre in Grand Forks beginning Saturday for the News @5 visit & tunes yesterday.