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Matter of Record

How was your week? Mine was a little stressful. Here’s why. Some time ago, Ginny and I decided to add a fireplace to our home, forgetting the old adage (I just made up now) that when you add something, something … Continue reading

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Mickey and Me

The excellent, new biography The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney by Richard A. Lertzman and William J. Birnes got me thinking about an interview I did with the film legend some years ago. My experience with the five-foot, three-inch … Continue reading

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Late Night Lists

It’s been quite the (traumatic) year for those of us who enjoy the late night talk shows, what with the recent departures of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show and David Letterman from The Late Show.  Earlier, Craig Ferguson from … Continue reading

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Lynn Anderson

Country music star Lynn Anderson left us this week, much too soon. She died at the age of 67. “(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden” became a gigantic cross-over hit in the early 1970’s. In her career, she had … Continue reading

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Peg Lynch

I thought I knew everything. But until I read Mike Sacks’ terrific new book about comedy writing called Poking a Dead Frog, I had never heard the name Peg Lynch.  Even though in her day she was a huge star. … Continue reading

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Kim Holmes

Grand Forks does things a little differently sometimes. For example, instead of buildings, it names “lift stations” after people like Marilyn Hagerty and Dave Barry. A new tradition now, perhaps. Last night the alley that runs behind Sanders 1907 restaurant … Continue reading

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Once there were a ton of them, television variety shows.  Shows like The Dean Martin Show and the Andy Williams Show with big names and big production numbers. Then suddenly, they were gone. It was almost as if television executives … Continue reading

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He’s gone already, chief.

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Mad Music

So, Mad Men has ended with a something of a whimper rather than a big bang.   The series ends with the lives of most of the major characters taking somewhat uncharacteristically positive turns. The one exception was poor January … Continue reading

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A Southern Life

Hundreds of books have been written about Elvis Presley.  Yes, hundreds.  I’ve read quite a few, including what many consider to be the definite Elvis biography, Peter Guralnick’s two-volume Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love. But here are some … Continue reading

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