Late Night Lists

It’s been quite the (traumatic) year for those of us who enjoy the late night talk shows, what with the recent departures of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show and David Letterman from The Late Show.  Earlier, Craig Ferguson from The Late Late Show. And earlier still, Jay Leno from The Tonight Show. It seemed…
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He’s gone already, chief.

Elf Not Included

Ring, ring. “Hi, it’s Bob Zany.  I’ve got an idea.” It’s a call I get every year, usually a few weeks before Bob brings his legendary standup comedy to Grand Forks. It can mean a lot of things for me. It usually means my life is going to get a little more interesting in coming…
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Funniest Person In The World

Legendary Comedian Bob Zany Vies For “Funniest Person in the World” Crown, Bay- bee! Finally. Bob Zany made his comedy debut at the age of 15. On national television. And now, almost thirty-five years after that Gong Show gong heard ‘round the world, comedian Bob Zany is teetering on the cusp of global comedy domination.…
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Bob Zany

Bob Zany joins us tomorrow on WDAZ News @5.