My Pizza With Wolfgang

Watching chef Wolfgang Puck prepare his Oscar menu for Robin Roberts on Good Morning America¬† and later today for the crew of The Chew, brought back a nearly suppressed memory. Puck was one of the first true celebrity chefs on television.¬† Today there seem to be hundreds trying to wear that moniker.¬† Mr. Puck gets…
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Oscars Rundown

Want to know what’s going to happen when James Franco and Anne Hathaway host the Oscars? MTV claims to have a rundown of the Academy Awards show.

Gritty Oscars

Joel & Ethan Coen have snagged ten Oscar nominations including those for writing, directing and producing True Grit.

Mary Anne & Oscar

With complete and total disregard on my part for copyright infringement laws, our station artist Mary Anne Muhonen did a bang up job creating a "real, fake Oscar" for our Dullum File this week.  So, she gets our vote for Best Art Direction–this year and every year.  Thanks, Mary Anne.

Oscar Watch