Happy New Year, Dick

Here’s hoping Dick Clark is well enough for his live hosting duties tonight on "New Year’s Rockin’ Eve."  The show begins at 9 o’clock tonight on ABC.  Mr. Clark is supposed to be seen shortly after a break for local news about 10:35. Dick hasn’t been seen publicly since the stroke that took him out of…
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Are You Average?

This week on the Dullum File we’re going to be talking about what is and isn’t average.  Kevin O’Keefe has written a book called "The Average American:  The Extraordinary Search for the Nation’s Most Ordinary Citizen."  Part of the fun of reading the book is compared yourself to what is supposedly "average." Here’s a short…
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The Apple Martini

On New Year’s Eve, a young man’s (or woman’s) fancy lightly turns to drinking, often.  Dean Martin used to call it amateur night.  I don’t drink much and I certainly never thought I’d be a martini-drinker.  But I am.  It’s all Musso and Frank’s fault. Musso and Frank’s Grill is the name of a restaurant in Hollywood–the oldest one.  The…
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I never thought my wife would buy me a Lexus for Christmas.  Sure enough, she didn’t. After racking our brains and emptying our wallets trying to make everyone else happy, I think if we don’t get the gift(s) we want for the holidays, it’s perfectly acceptable to buy them for ourselves. Personally, I could use an…
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White Christmas

Forget Bing Crosby’s "White Christmas."  For a serious holiday hoot, try this illustrated version of Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters’  "White Christmas." It’s worth a download and a look, believe me.  Happy Holidays.