Patty Duke

It seems as if we’re losing a lot of entertainment industry folk this year. The latest, Academy Award-winning actress Patty Duke who died early Tuesday morning at the age of 69. I had the great pleasure of spending a few minutes of television time with her a couple of years ago. Patty Duke won fame playing a young…
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Still Scammin’

It’s practically the most fun I have… sitting up. I enjoy scamming the scammers.  The ones who pretend to be our Facebook friends in an effort to separate us from our money. Below is my latest, actual conversation with “David.” Scammer: Hello how are you doing ? Scammer:  You decide not to reply me Me: Hi.…
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An Open Letter To UND From Ben Folds

Music doesn’t much better than that created by Ben Folds. Below is his open letter to UND.       AN OPEN LETTER TO ED SCHAFER PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA Dear President Schafer: We are writing to urge you to re-consider eliminating the entire music therapy program at the University of North…
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With her passing this week, lots of stories are being told and re-told about the bigger-than-life “First Lady of Medora,” Sheila Schafer. I can’t resist relating my favorite. It was told to Ginny and me by a very close friend of hers. Almost too good to be true, I believe it is. Home alone in the Bismarck apartment she shared…
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The Sound Of Music (Therapy)

I don’t know much, but I do know that music therapy is pretty close to being cutting edge. Cutting edge like the drone technology the University of North Dakota has so broadly embraced in the last few years. Too bad UND administrators can’t see the connection. Without going into detail, music therapy has helped countless…
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