There’s No Business Like (Halftime) Show Business

One thing about the Super Bowl is that if you’re not disappointed by the outcome of the game, you can still be disappointed by the halftime show. This year it was Justin Timberlake’s turn to disappoint.

Part of the problem is that we’ve set the bar for the game’s show unreasonably high. Also, everybody is a critic, myself included.

To begin, there was Mr. Timberlake’s outfit. A camo suit, a t-shirt with an image of two deer on it, a red kerchief and, earlier, a fringe leather jacket, There’s your wardrobe malfunction, right there! A nod to Minnesota’s hunting season, perhaps?

Then there was the sound. To say the least, muddy. Part of the problem might have been the new stadium’s acoustics, which the Star Tribune calls notoriously “bouncy.”

The show had its moments. The “Suit & Tie” marching band segment was killer. Turning Minneapolis streets into a purple glyph electronically was not.

What JT’s show didn’t have (besides the rumored Prince hologram) was a finish. A fan selfie? Really? That’s it? That’s all you’ve got?

I like Justin Timberlake, I really do. A lot. He’s a great entertainer and very, very funny. But I don’t think he was well-served by the producers of this show. It wasn’t a train wreck. We’ve had enough of those lately. It was just a little disappointing. And, like I say, everybody is a critic.

It’s just too bad Prince himself wasn’t around in his hometown to outdo his own 2007 Super Bowl show. He would have, too. That would have been something. There wouldn’t have been anything left of the new stadium once he got through with it.

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  1. Sandra Hall

    Oh, come on! I’ve read two reviews now, from “professionals” who have dissed JT’s performance. But, the ordinary people on the street types thought the purple glif was fantastic and JT going into the stands and getting up close and personal with the audience members—-nice.

  2. AlexandriaSays

    I beg to differ with the comment above me. It was the worst super bowl show I have watched in my nearly 48 years on this earth that I can remember.

    JT was terrible from his clothes to his singing. The stadium’s acoustics might be to blame for at least part of it but whomever is responsible for everything else should be fired!

    There are at least 30 musical acts I can think of that would have done better.

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