Most Frequently Asked Questions (About My Moustache)

Q:  Why–at your advanced age–did you decide to grow a moustache?

A:  I was asked to. It’s for my role in “Death by Chocolate,” the 4th annual Firemen’s Ball at the Mason Lodge in Grand Forks, July 27. It’s a fundraiser for the Fire Hall Theatre. I’ll be playing a detective and every knows all detectives have moustaches.


Q:  I didn’t know you could act.

A:  Not everyone agrees that I can. By the way, that’s not a question.


Q:  Have you had a moustache before?

A:  Yes, back in 1973.


Q:  How did you look with it then?

A:  Stupid. But it was 1973 and we all looked stupid in 1973. All men, anyway.


Q:  How long did you have it?

A:  I can’t remember but I think about 6 months.


Q:  Why did you stop wearing it?

A:  I was about to audition for a television job so I shaved it in an effort to look more clean cut. It may have worked because I got the job.


Q:  Anything surprise you about this one?

A:  Yes. It grew in faster and much more grey than I expected.


Q:  Does it itch?

A:  No.


Q:  Do you like it?

A: No.


Q:  Does Ginny like it?

A:  She says she does.


Q:  Can we see a picture?

A:  No.


Q:  Why wouldn’t you just wear a fake one?

A:  I don’t know.


Q:  Do you intend to keep it?

A:  Yes. For about an hour after the performance.