Holiday Scammin’

Even during the holidays online scammers continue their “work.” The ones who use a Facebook friend’s identity to try to get at your personal information. I had the following Facebook message conversation right around Thanksgiving Day. Here’s how it went.
Scammer:  Hello..How are you doing?
Me:  Hi… How are you? How’s Bill?
Scammer:  We are doing great we cannot complain
Me:  Great.
Scammer:  How is your family?
Me:  Good. Desi got almost a hundred likes on Facebook.
Scammer:  Ohh
Scammer:  Good to hear from you
Me:  I mean a hundred likes for a cat. That’s really something.
Me:  Some on Twitter, too.
Me: Are you on Twitter?
Me:  I am. I’m on Instagram, too. But I don’t use it much.
Scammer:  Okay..Have you heard about the government grant program?
Me:  Well, there are a lot of government grant programs, I suppose.
Scammer:  This is specifically program for those who need assistance paying for bills, buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or even helping raise children with old and retired people and disable
Me:  I was on match once. But I quit it. It got to be too expensive.
 Me:  Really, how is Bill? I heard you threw him out of the house.
Scammer:  No….This new program was established by the Federal Government with the conjunction of World Bank to helps people in the society to meet up their needs
Me:  Yeah, but what about Bill? I know he likes the ladies. But he’s been a good provider. Right?
Scammer:  Not really dear..I got $100,000 delivered to me when i apply for the grant and you don’t have to pay it back, you can also apply too.
Me:  You sound funny. Have you been drinking again?
Scammer:  LOL..I’m damn serious
Me:  Have you heard of Attorney Milton Delores Anne?
Me:  Such language.
Me:  Have you? Been drinking?
Scammer:  No..Have you heard about the Attorney ?
Me:  Don’t get testy.  No, I have not heard about the Attorney but I’ve been very busy what with this infestation of bed bugs and all that I’ve been dealing with.
Scammer:  She is the one who help me get the grant money. She is a good and honest woman.i will give you her and private text number so that you can apply as well.
Me:  Do you know how to get rid of bed bugs? You should see my back side!
Scammer:  This is her private text number 202 xxx-xxxx you just have to text her you want to apply for grant
Me:  What grant?
Me:  You know, you really should probably see a doctor. It’s like English isn’t what it used to be. You’re not using your participles correctly or whatever they’re called.
Me:  You still there?
Me:  Are you?
(Conversation ends)