Thanks A Lot

When I was in television, I used to make a list about this time of year. It was a list of things for which I am especially thankful. We would run it from the bottom to the top of the screen at a very high rate of speed.  Too high to read.  We all enjoyed a good laugh. Most of us, anyway.

Even though no one could read it, I always enjoyed making the list. I don’t know why exactly, but it made me feel good. So, because it’s Thanksgiving and because I like the feeling it gives me, here, in no particular order, are some of the things (and people) I’m grateful for this year. Read at your own pace. Family and friends top the list. And then…

My Keurig coffee maker, popcorn, Desi, Keg Drive-in, Firehall Theatre, the Geek Squad, Samantha Bee, Sirius XM Radio, Panera Bread, Lay-Z-Boy recliners, Hugo’s, Cross fountain pens, Tony Bennett, grilled cheese sandwiches, my VW Beetle, Caribou Coffee, the Grand Forks Public Library, Jimmy Kimmel, French fries, elections that are not rigged, Frank Sinatra, 1,000 Degree Pizza, Empire Arts Center, Barnes & Noble, current gas prices, Chester Fritz Auditorium, Arbor Park, Mark Twain, Starbucks, California burgers, Richard Gergen, Charles Dickens, Frank Sinatra, Netflix, snow-removal services, Peggy Lee, Target, Choice Fitness, my Kindle, vinyl, Talent Productions, my urologist, my dermatologist, my family practice guy, my VA guy, my Valley Bone & Joint guys, my therapist, my neighbor’s French bread, Darcy’s, receptive audiences, our financial planner, Dakota TV & Appliance, Hornbacher’s, lawn services,

And, of course, Ginny. Did I mention popcorn?

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  1. Charles Kamesch

    I like your list. But I think I would include Mikes Pizza, Matt’s Tavern, and the Red Pepper. Have a great Thanksgiving!

      1. A. Olson

        And thank you Terry, for all your witty humor you’ve shared with us over the years! You’ve truly brought smiles and laughter to many people.

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