Funniest Person In The World

Legendary Comedian Bob Zany Vies For “Funniest Person in the World” Crown, Bay-

Finally. Bob Zany made his comedy debut at the age of 15. On national television.

And now, almost thirty-five years after that Gong Show gong heard ‘round the world,

comedian Bob Zany is teetering on the cusp of global comedy domination.

As of this writing, Zany is close to clinching a berth in The Laugh Factory’s First Annual

Funniest Person in the U.S. Contest. The first round of The Laugh Factory’s Funniest

Person in the World Contest. So why does the veteran funny man deserve to be

nominated? Zany’s 1000+ film and television credits, along with his life-long career in

syndicated radio should be reason enough, but consider this:

Bob Zany is one of the few nationally touring headliners with a resume that includes paid

gigs in all 50 states. And Washington D.C. And Guam. And seven countries.

And here’s more good news: It’s easy to nominate him. Just go to

before Friday, August 15, and click the “Nominate Me” link on the Home Page and up

pops a simple—really simple–ballot.

Highlights from Star-Search Finalist Zany’s last three decades include the recent Billy

Gardell’s Road Dogs (Showtime) a starring role opposite Eric Roberts in 23 Minutes

to Sunrise and a featured spot as Matt Damon’s attorney in The Informant. For 17

years, The Bob and Tom Radio Network featured fan-favorite, The Zany Report,

Bob’s take on current events. Zany’s long ride on the joke-telling roller-coaster was

documented in Jay Kanzler’s “Close But No Cigar,” and his signature improvised crowd-
work was showcased in Jordan Brady’s Slamdance smash, “I Am Comic.” Zany logged

an unprecedented 17 consecutive appearances on The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day

Telethon as both performer and overnight host with Tom Bergeron. Still touring the

country at least 48 weeks a year, Zany also hosts a self-titled podcast for The Sideshow

Network, on which, he and his wife, comedian Erin O’Connor sit down with comedy

big wigs including Steven Wright, Fred Willard, Paul Rodriguez, Carrot Top, Laugh-In

creator George Schlatter and George Wallace for thirty minutes of…you never know.

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Go to to nominate our buddy Bob in the Laugh Factory’s 1st Annual Funniest Person in the World Contest.