WDAY Now Airs 5 P.m. News

WDAY now airs 5 p.m. news

By Garrett Richie

Herald Staff Writer

For the first time since the flood of 1997, viewers of WDAZ’s local 5 p.m. Monday broadcast didn’t see local Grand Forks anchors.

According to a press release, the 5 p.m. broadcast is now being anchored by WDAY in Fargo.

WDAZ and WDAY began collaborative weekend newscasts in 2011, which gave WDAZ more time and resources to cover more local news on weeknights and 10 and more regional news on the weekends, the statement said.

“We want to give North Dakota and Minnesota viewers the best we have to offer,” WDAZ and WDAY General Manager Mari Ossenfort said in the release.  “By combining our teams, we’ll be able to make it happen.”

Anchor Terry Dullum was sad to see the broadcast go, as were his Facebook friends and followers.

“We’ve focused on local, regional and community news and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way as well, “Dullum wrote in a Monday blog post.  “We put a lot of energy into the broadcast in those seventeen years including a little bit of our heart and soul.”

The elimination of WDAZ’s local 5 p.m. broadcast will bring WDAZ’s weekly count of 30-minute newscasts to 10, when in the past it had been as high as 18.

The two stations are part of Forum Communications, as is the Herald.


8 Responses

  1. Jon

    Sad to see. The majority of people in the northern valley could care less about what’s going on in Fargo. We prefer our news and stories to be local, and Fargo isn’t local.

  2. Sue

    Very sad to see. I cannot believe a town like Grand Forks can’t support local news at 5pm or on the weekends. Bad news!

  3. Paul

    I think this decision stinks. If I wanted to watch a Fargo-centric newscast I would watch KXJB or KVLY. Bring back the local newscast on the weekends, too.

  4. Faye Lehn

    I won’t be watching the 5 o’clock news anymore. It was the enjoyable “home team” style of local programing that made me want to tune in. Now it’s just like the weekend news–boring and all about Fargo.

  5. Carol

    “More time and resources to cover local news…” Yeah, right. Seems we get less local news all the time. Guess I’ll be watching Jeopardy instead.

  6. Diane Fossum

    I am so sick and tired of Fargo being our main source of news… They do not care about the heart of the Red River Valley. I have quit watching on weekends and now at 5….. I will wait for our HOME TEAM at 6 & 10 . Before you know it they will take out GF Herald away and we will be reading the Forum. UGH

  7. Virginia

    Lately it feels like Grand Forks is becoming “Far North Fargo.” First the weekend news, then 5 p.m. news. I won’t be watching the 5 p.m. news anymore, just like I don’t watch the weekend news. I miss the features and the local anchors. If Grand Forks is large enough to have 2 Walmarts, they are large enough to have their own news!

  8. Jack Miller

    I also will not be watching the five oclock news from Fargo. I have enjoyed Terry, Stacy and John for as long as they have been in the news. As usual your attempts at cost cutting have backfired. When you have a successfull program you should realize that viewers and advertizers benefit, even at some cost ,but with increased revenue on your station.

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