Thank You

Last night on television I said our viewers have never let us down, not one time.   It’s true.

Certainly they didn’t let us down yesterday when they filled the big Whalen’s truck with Food For Friends in WDAZ’s first ever one-day food drive.  So much food I wouldn’t have believed it was possible to collect it all in a single day.

Every donation tells a story.  From the single can of vegetables donated by a man yesterday, to the three hundred dollar check given by someone else, it will all go a long, long way in helping St. Joseph’s stock its food bank and feed hundreds upon hundreds of kids in its summer lunch program.

Today some of us will help unload the donated food.  It will take awhile.  There’s a lot of it.

We didn’t get to thank everybody personally yesterday for their donations.  We’ll be doing that on television soon.  But please know we are simply overwhelmed by this community’s generosity.

Our viewers have never let us down.  Never.


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