Kmart Turns 50

Funny story.  Sort of.  So, the nice people at the Grand Forks Kmart store asked me to say a few words at a little party they threw yesterday for customers, staff, former staff and managers.

I told them I used to live about a block from Kmart when I was in college and, not wanting ever to be too far away from their store, I now work about a half block away.

I forgot to tell them that quite often I run over to buy make-up (for television) when I run out.

I told them I remember buying my copy of the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on vinyl, circa 1969.  I still have it, by the way.  A few minutes later the Fall Creek quarter thanked me for setting up one of the number they sang at the party, “When I’m 64.”  Cut number nine on Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Happy Birthday, Kmart.  Thanks for including me in the fun.

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  1. Kevin Bonham

    Hi Terry,
    I managed to sneak past Kmart security Saturday morning right after you spoke. Fall Creek was starting to sing. I put my head down and headed straight for a side aisle, on a mission to find a boot tray (something to stop snow dragged into the house from dripping onto the floor — or to put under a humidifier that sometimes leaks). I spent nearly 30 minutes hunting for one, because I couldn’t find any “Help!” They were all up in front, listening to you, Kevin Dean and the other familiar voices with familiar faces. I enjoyed listening to “When I’m 64,” already realizing what it’ll be like — for an aging, obscure newspaper reporter with an unrecognizable face, in just a couple of years. Nice job. Keep it up. The community loves you.

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