The Winter Of My Discontent

We have an update for you this evening on a story we brought you earlier, even though I promised not to drone on and on about myself in the post below.

After a medical appointment this morning, I had fully expected to be back at work today.  I even tweeted about it.  (Not my first premature tweet.)  That was before my doctor got a look at my newest x-rays.

Long story short, not liking what he saw, I’m now in a cast for the next two weeks, unable to put any weight at all on my right foot.  He also “suggested” I not go back to work for two more weeks.  All of this because of a little slip on the ice.

Thanks to Ben of Valley Bone & Joint, the best casting director in the business.  And thanks for the hopping lesson from the physical therapist whose name I didn’t catch, preoccupied as I was at the time with thoughts of suicide.  Some of those thoughts have now subsided slightly.

On the upside, this probably means more meals on wheels from The Moon and Pizza Hut. Maybe Chinese tonight.

4 Responses

  1. Mike

    Good to hear you are on the way to mending Terry. Also, I believe medical science has made great advances in terms of treating that “premature tweeting” condition. Oh, wait, nevermind.

  2. Terry, I feel for you. I shattered my r ankle on 2 ND of November and have been hopping ever since. I have at least 3 weeks to go. You will find the Boredoms is the worst. My Kindle is getting a real workout. Here in Larimore “takeout” only applies to the trash. I’d kill for some Jimmie Johns. LOL. Hang in there, time flies when you don’t have to take out the trash. Get well.

  3. Chuck… Thanks for your good wishes. Right back at you. Sorry about your ankle. Please know I would bring you Jimmie Johns, if only I could. Take care of yourself.

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