Ice Update

This will be the last word on this semi-dismal subject, but because so many of you are nice enough to ask, here goes.

The back story:  Almost a month ago, I slipped on some ice and snow after moving my car at work for the snowplow.  An emergency room x-ray showed no fracture.  I was left with a black and blue foot and a diagnosis of deep tissue contusion.  Not such a big deal.

The update:  Three weeks later my foot still hurt like hell, especially to walk on.  A Valley Bone and Joint x-ray, confirmed by an MRI, suggested a Lisfranc joint injury.  It’s the dislocation of a ligament, and in my case, a fracture or two.  A bit bigger deal.

Lisfranc is the name of one of Napoleon’s surgeons whose treatment of choice was to cut off the front half of the foot of the injured soldier, send him back into battle, likely to bleed to death and die.  Next case.

My surgery Thursday was a little less severe and much more successful.  After the insertion of a single “pin” and some other work, I’m now in much less pain already, and hobbling around the house in a brand new “boot” on a shiny, new pair of crutches.  I’ll be back in battle in a few days, not too much worse for wear.  However, it could be six to nine months before I’ve recovered completely.

Post Script:  What do you say to a surgeon who cuts (so to speak) his Christmas vacation short and offers to come in on a day off to work on the likes of me.  In my case, you start by saying, thank you, John Miller.

None of this is how I ever envisioned my Christmas holiday would be spent.  We hear it every single winter, those of us who live in colder climates.  Be careful walking on ice.

Final word:  Be careful walking on ice.

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  1. Miki Tanner-Bendickson

    Noticed you have a feline companion to keep you company and give you comfort. Hope you heal fast.

  2. Laura Gingerich

    John Miller is a former classmate of mine from Rugby and yes, he is a good guy! Glad he was able to fix you up!

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