Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I can explain.

We both know that I’m on the naughty list this year, but how about this?  How about we just say what happens in Grand Forks, stays in Grand Forks?

Anyway, I don’t really want anything for Christmas this year.  I have enough stuff.

By the way, Santa, are you white?  Megyn Kelly says you are. I’m white, too. Norwegian, anyway. Megyn also says you’re real. I knew that.

I know you’re busy this time of year, Santa.  So, I’ll keep this short.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.  Please don’t work too hard.  Here’s a link you might be interested in after the holiday.

Your friend,



About Terry Dullum

Terry Dullum is a North Dakota native and a graduate of the University of North Dakota. Currently, he is the anchor and producer of WDAZ News @5. He is also a popular speaker throughout the region.
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2 Responses to Dear Santa

  1. Chuck says:

    You’ve done it now! He hates to be reminded. I set out low fat milk one year and got coal… A lot of coal.

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