Stacie Van Dyke: An Appreciation

In a week that began badly enough for me with an (unstaged) slip and fall and a trip to the emergency room, Christmas came early with the announcement that, in addition to co-anchoring WDAZ News @6 & 10 with Rob Hudson, Stacie Van Dyke will continue co-anchoring WDAZ News @5 with me.

People will say to me:  Stacie does three newscasts a day and you do one.  Doesn’t that mean she does three times the work you do?  In response, I always give the same answer.  Yes.

But people have to understand.  Stacie is extremely good at what she does, not to mention she does it insanely fast.  She’s smart, talented and she knows exactly which of my hair pieces to run after at any particular time.

We agree on the important things, but we’re different too.  Now it can be told, I’m a little older.  She knows R. Kelly.  I can talk Tony Bennett.

Stacie and I have been working together on News @5 for well over a year now.  She’s made it a better newscast and, for me, a lot more fun.  Her enthusiasm is infectious.

I just hope she doesn’t get distracted by my good looks.  (So far that hasn’t happened.)

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About Terry Dullum

Terry Dullum is a North Dakota native and a graduate of the University of North Dakota. Currently, he is the anchor and producer of WDAZ News @5. He is also a popular speaker throughout the region.
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4 Responses to Stacie Van Dyke: An Appreciation

  1. Chuck says:

    I’m glad the team is staying together. Great pictures, by the way.

  2. Erik Tingberg says:

    worried about Stacie’s continued absence

  3. Anonymous says:

    Erik… Not to worry. Stacie is back tonight at 5, 6 &10.

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