I never cared much about driving or walking on ice, never more so than today.

First, on my way to work this morning, the driver of a big, red pick ’em up truck, speeding and running a red light, nearly wiped out in front of me.

Then, getting out of my car, I did wipe out on the ice, twisting my foot.  After a trip to the emergency room, a couple of wheelchair rides and four or five x-rays, the diagnosis:  soft tissue contusion.  Translation:  hurts like hell.

So, please drive and walk carefully.  It’s winter.

No, I never cared much for ice.  Except, of course, to cool my gin and vermouth.

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  1. I fractured my r ankle 1 no ago and have a long road to go. I know that stc hurts even worse. Hang in there and be a good patient. Ask yourself, “What would Ron BurgBurgundy do?”. Take care.

  2. Bill Adams

    Terry that really must have hurt, but there is a positive note to it. You should be glad you are short and only had a short fall. Get better and take care. ☺

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