Peter, The Wolf & Me

Here’s an idea for your next birthday.  Try to get a symphony orchestra to invite you to narrate Peter & the Wolf.  That’s what I did for my birthday and it was wonderful.

It was great fun “working” with guest conductor Beverly Everett, guest soloist Torin Bakke and all the boys and girls in the “band.”

There were more than a couple surprises in the concert.  Bev’s rather Russian-looking, wolf-like headgear and Torin’s encore.  (By the way, do not forget Torin’s name.  At sixteen, he is nothing short of a master!  Can’t image Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto ever sounding better.)

The biggest surprise to me was being “nudged” onto the stage by executive director Phil McKenzie to the tune of Happy Birthday.    Everybody should be so lucky as to have a symphony and an audience play and sing for his or her birthday.

Then we had cupcakes.

Thanks, Phil, for the invite.  I loved every minute of it.