COPS Questions

I enjoy talking with all of our News @5 guests.  Well, almost all of our News @5 guests.  But, it was especially fun talking this week with John Langley, the creator and executive producer of my (one and only) favorite television reality show COPS.

In fact, COPS is the longest-running reality show on television.  It begins its 26th season tomorrow night on its new TV home, SPIKE TV.

John says it’s true that the head of entertainment somewhere once asked him to change the show’s iconic “Bad Boys” theme song after conducting a focus group whose members thought the classic reggae tune wasn’t “mainstream” enough.  That suggestion didn’t get very far.  Mercifully.

John estimates conservatively that about fifteen per cent of the men shown being arrested on COPS are arrested shirtless.  He’s aware that it seems like more, but he says there’s a good reason for it.  Much of COPS is shot during the hot summer months when John says there is more “stuff” going on.

Cheeky as it was, my favorite question to John was my last.

Me:  Final question.  You ever been arrested, John?

John:  I have indeed.  (Laughter)  I was arrested once for a parking warrant, for a violation I didn’t pay.  Back in those days they arrested you if you had a parking violation you hadn’t paid.  So the police were very nice about it.  But they took me to jail.  (Laughter)

It would have been fair game for John to turn the question back on me.  He didn’t.  Far from being a bad boy, I suspect John Langley is one of the good guys.