Terry’s Book Club Selection

It’s been awhile, boys and girls, since our last Terry’s Book Club selection.  Not because there aren’t enough good books out there to read as Oprah once hinted, but rather because of extreme slothfulness on the part of the club’s founder.

That all changes now with the selection of Color Blind by Tom Dunkel.

It’s the fascinating story of the 1930’s era Bismarck baseball team that paved the way for Branch Rickey, Jackie Robinson and 42.

I’m not much for baseball, but for some reason I can’t seem to get enough books about baseball.  I love the color and the history that goes along with the game.  Color Blind is the perfect summer read.

As usual, any and all comments about the book are welcome below.  Happy summer reading.  Discuss.

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  1. I’m quite certain that a book club would enjoy and benfit from my two Gray Riders
    novels. They are a grand story of six farm families and their experiences and emotions during the Civil War in Missouri. There is a lot of history in both novels.
    Gray Riders takes in 2-1/2 years of the conflict. Gray Riders II ends the war and
    continues with early American history, focusing on the Hasting family which
    eventually migrates to Minnesota.

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