The Week’s Tweets

A look at at a few of the week’s @TerryDullum tweets, with contributions by Josh Duhamel, Patton Oswalt, Bill Murray, Daryl Ritchison, A.J. Clemente and others.  (I’m one of the others.)

Patton Oswalt  @pattonoswalt                                                                                                           As the Ambien drapes its sleep-shawl over my eyelids, it whispers, “Stay on Twitter. Let the world know my garbled wisdom.”

Bill Murray  #BillMurray                                                                                                        THEY’RE going THERE with THEIR friends. Seriously, it’s not rocket science.

Josh Duhamel  @joshduhamel                                                                                         “@nainamango:  can you speak any languages fluently?” Yes. English.

Daryl Ritchison  @DarylRitchison         3 Jun                                                                                   Frost in Bemidji this morning.        #coldjune

A.J. Clemente  @ClementeAJ                                                                                                           Bar tending at Que Pasa, Come Visit!!

Dear Dudes  @DearDudez                                                                                                                      I just want perfect skin and hair and teeth and body proportions and endless supplies of money and intelligence is that too much to ask for.

Terry Dullum  @TerryDullum                                                                                                           It’s estimated Hamid Shirvani’s buyout will cost $925,377 plus attorney fees.  I could be bought out for half that.  #ham