The Return

For some, it may fall in the “be careful what you wish for” category.  Nevertheless, it gives us great pleasure (and a little trepidation) to report that, after an absence of a little less than two years, the Dullum File is going to be assaulting the local television air waves again soon.

Beginning Friday, June 28, and on the last Friday of every month, the Dullum File will be seen on WDAZ News @6.  We thought it might be good to start lowering expectations now.

In its first fifteen years (yikes!),  by actual count, 799 Dullum File episodes aired on Channel 8.  The last hundred or so are floating around out there in cyberspace somewhere on youtube.

Thanks to everybody for the support.  There was even a Bring Back the Dullum File Facebook page.  Briefly.

We want to hear your thoughts about all this.  We’ll be setting up a “special”  Dullum File e-mail address soon.

2 Responses

  1. That’s great news Terry. I always looked forward to the Dullum File. I would wish you luck, but luck isn’t needed, you’ll give us some funny and insightful moments.
    Just like the good old days.

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