The Week’s Tweets

A few of the tweets this week @TerryDullum. Mine (of course) and others:

Gerard Mulligan ‏@GerardMulligan1
I always feel naked without my clothes.

Terry Dullum ‏@TerryDullum
I’ll be taking part in the Fargo Marathon — from my recliner. #sloth

Dave Shorr ‏@daveshorr
Anchors ‘reading tweets’ is among the most asinine form of broadcasting.

Breckin Meyer ‏@breckinmeyer
Once was a wuzzle w/ a piece o’ a puzzle but the piece got gone one day.Looked here & there no piece anywhere so he moped d rest o’ da day.

Lance Forst ‏@lanceforst
I sure am glad everyone on the Internet is an expert. Saves me so much time just deferring to their judgement. #fb

Joel Porter ‏@porter_kmtr
Just clippin’ @Quiznos coupons and eating crunchy Cheetos. Life is pretty sweet! @MomsWhoSave

Terry Dullum ‏@TerryDullum
Has anyone seen any television news stories about the Fargo Marathon? #sarcasm