Something In The Water

Had a great time speaking to the Rural Cass Water Users last night. Their annual meeting was held in the beautiful Governors Ballroom of the Days Inn near Casselton, formerly the Governors Inn near Casselton, formerly a beet field near Casselton. 

The Casselton area has produced five North Dakota governors, no less, including current governor Jack Dalrymple.  (It must be something in the water.)  It’s a little piece of North Dakota trivia that’s hard to forget when you’re at the Days Inn.  Their pictures all hang in the lobby and the restaurant.

The main topic of conversation among the guests at last night’s meeting seemed to be not not how much water the organization provided people and businesses in the past year, but rather just how much water there will be in the fields when the snow melts in the next couple of weeks.  In both cases, the consensus seemed to be–a lot.  

Anyway, thanks to Pat and Jerry and company for the invitation and the hospitality.  The evening was great fun.