So Long, Sunbird

So yesterday we said goodbye to an old friend, our 1990 Pontiac Sunbird convertible.  We’ve driven it nearly every day for well over two decades.  Saying goodbye was a little bit like a death in the family.

It served us well.  They don’t make them like that any more.  In fact, they don’t make them at all.  Not Sunbirds, not Pontiacs.

It’s the only car we’ve ever cared enough about to hand-wash.  It’s also been waxed by hand once, usually twice each of the past twenty-two summers.

Red convertibles are much sought after by the heads of parade committees, we found out.  Ours was in a number of them.  Although, when it was pressed into parade duty at the very last minute one day, unwashed, the governor and his wife discretely chose  to walk in front of it instead of riding in it.

Our Sunbird will be going into semi-retirement at a new home.  It will be living at a Minnesota lake where its new owner says it will be driven perhaps two hundred miles or so each summer.  We’re very pleased about that.  Since it took us on dozens of trips to Bemidji and Detroit Lakes over the years,  it seems fitting.

Our Sunbird is going to be replaced any day now by a new VW Beetle.  Yes, it’s going to be a convertible.  Yes, it’s going to be red.