Who knew our old bud Timm Rolek could do two things–or more.  A talented music director/conductor is now a budding novelist/writer guy.

~~ Press Release ~~

Deceptive Cadence

A historic-mystery novel by former Greater Grand Forks Symphony conductor, Timm Rolek

Conductor/composer Timm Rolek’s first novel, Deceptive Cadence, is the story of musicians and spies shrouded in the Cold War era. It has just been published in January, 2013. Set with the backdrop of the late-80’s in Europe, Deceptive Cadence is inspired by the music of Bach with two distinct parts:  Prelude (set in the Spring of 1986) and Fugue (set in the fall of 1989). Following a young KGB agent whose task is to keep America from interfering while his superiors in Moscow attempt to control the fall of Communism, this agent must create a plan to cripple the American military. He must find someone
that he can manipulate from his past. Enter an American orchestra and opera conductor who becomes the agent’s pawn. Unwittingly, this conductor has already spoken with the agent about the correlation between music and code. Perhaps this is the key to keeping the Americans in check?

Drawing upon his extensive background as an orchestra and opera conductor, Timm Rolek has harkened back to his early studies as a young conductor in Europe. Many of the characters and situations are actual composites of people and places that he knew when he was conductor of the GGFSO. Bringing these to life in Deceptive Cadence along with his now considerable knowledge of music and compositional style has been a true labor of love. In order that the reader can truly appreciate the importance that music plays in this story, a website has also been created, www.deceptivecadencebook.com, which gives readers an opportunity to become familiar with the classical music excerpts that play such an integral part of the plot.

Deceptive Cadence is a metaphor for the underlying intrigue that permeated the Cold War era. Rolek blends musical architecture into historical fiction creating a story that resonates with anyone who has ever played an instrument (even badly) or has been an aspiring singer (even if the stage was only theconfines of one’s shower).

Timm Rolek’s Deceptive Cadence is available in all e-reader formats through typical web outlets including Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Sony, Kobo, Smashwords and soon to be on Amazon.com.