Friends Abroad

Further proof that the world is getting smaller (for me, anyway):  Two friends will be performing in London next week–London, England.

One is an old friend Tom Brosseau, a Grand Forks native,  whom I’ve known forever (and his parents even longer).  Tom is part of the John C. Reilly & Friends company along with Becky Stark.  They did a sold-out show at the Empire last year.  With a little luck we’ll get them back in Grand Forks soon.  In the meantime, John C., Tom & Becky are performing February 7 in London and later in Dublin and Glasgow.

Meanwhile, a new friend, the wonderful cabaret performer Stacy Sullivan is bringing her tribute to North Dakota’s Peggy Lee to London February 7 – 9.  Stacy sang at the new Peggy Lee museum at Wimbledon and in Jamestown last year on Peggy Lee’s birthday.  I met her at her show at The Stage in Fargo.  I’ve noted here before how blown away I was by both her show and her PL tribute album “It’s a Good Day.”  They loved Peggy Lee in London and they’ll love Stacy as well.

So it seems both Tom and Stacy’s stars are just beginning to rise.