This Week

Had an awful lot of fun talking with our News @5 guests this week. Toy Guy Chris Bryne showed us some of this year’s hot toys.  Writer David Baldacci told us about his new thriller The Forgotten.  Cookbook author JoAnne Weir showed us some great looking (and great tasting, I’ll bet) party food for the…
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Brian And Me

Brian Posehn and I discussing which of us would play Lenny if we were to do Of Mice & Men together.

Brian Posehn

This evening on WDAZ News @5, comedy star Brian Posehn will be with us.

A Plaid Thanks

Thanks to the cast of “Forever Plaid:  Plaid Tidings” at the Firehall Theatre in Grand Forks beginning Saturday for the News @5 visit & tunes yesterday.

Plaid Wednesday

 This evening on WDAZ News @5, some holiday music from the Forever Plaid guys from the Fire Hall Theatre’s “Forever Plaid:  Plaid Tidings.”