Marvin Hamlisch

Sad to learn Marvin Hamlisch has died.  He was 68.  That’s an age that seems younger and younger to me for some reason.

Hamlisch composed the scores for dozens of movies like “The Sting,” “The Way We Were” and “Sophie’s Choice.”

He won a Tony for “A Chorus Line.”  He also won three Academy Awards and four Emmys.  Oh yeah, and a Pulitzer Prize.

He was also very, very funny, a great ranconteur who used to make all the rounds of all the television talks shows.

I got to spend some time with him in advance of an appearance he made at the Chester Fritz years ago.  Someone at the Fritz said he wanted to set up the interview himself for some reason.  I was given a phone number which I was surprised to learn turned out to be the number to his New York apartment, not his office.   I was even more surprised when he answered the phone himself.

I still have that phone number in my Rolodex.  (Yes, I still have a Rolodex.)  I’m going to keep his number as a sort of tribute.

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