Mr. Awesome

It’s been a sad day for many of us at WDAZ–especially me. This was Darren’s Lien’s last day at Channel 8.

Darren is the man who has directed WDAZ News @5 for the past several years.  At the station,  we’ve been referring to him (only half jokingly) as Mr. Awesome.  That’s because of his talent.  One little example:  he is, far and away, the best video editor I’ve ever known.

He’s also had to put up with people like me.  No easy task.

Interestingly, the lights in the WDAZ hallway were off all day today.  (Sort of like the way they dim the lights on Broadway when a star dies.)  Darren’s hasn’t died, of course.  He’ll be working on Mid-Continent broadcasts of UND sporting events, like UND hockey.  Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Anyway, thanks for everything, big guy.  Now, please excuse me while I go open my wrists.

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