State Farm Insurance Building

Call me corn-fed, but I’ve always thought of the North Dakota Capitol building in Bismarck as cool, especially when you consider it was built in the 1930’s during the Great Depression.

Working in Bismarck for a little over two years, I never got tired of going there for work and just for the heck of it.

So, I was mildly offended, and yet oddly amused when I found out Minnesota Republican House majority leader Matt Dean compared it to an insurance office during debate yesterday in the Minnesota Legislature about repairs to that state’s capitol building.  Dean called the North Dakota Capitol “embarrassing” and said it resembles a State Farm insurance building.  “It’s like State Farm Insurance called, they want their office building back,” he joked.

I don’t see that the State Farm building is so bad for that matter.

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple was really not amused.  Dalrymple says the Capitol is “one of the most pleasing in the United States.” He says it’s a classic example of Chicago skyscraper design and that people who don’t appreciate it haven’t studied much architecture.

Yeah!  What he said!

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  1. In the Summer of 1965 while working on I-94 near Mandan, ND, I used to look up high in the afternoon sky at a USAF B-52 as it flew directly over Bismarck. It happened daily. The bomb bay doors would snap open up for a brief instant and then close. It was so quick and easy, but the USAF never dropped a bomb. There was graffiti hidden under one of the I-94 overpasses in the shade: “I hate you. I hate you. Love, Vincent”. The North Dakota Capitol seemed to be the aiming point of an military exercise which was called off many times.
    Don’t ever say to Minnesotans that North Dakotans don’t have a sense of humor.

  2. Mark Tobin

    I’m sure Matt Dean’s a nice guy but I think he can kiss the “Minnesota Nice” Award good-bye along with any chance of a seat on the State Farm board after his political career is over. Since his attempt at humor was only “oddly amusing,” I was going to suggest he keep his day job — then I learned his day job is an architect.

  3. Whilst I genuinely like this publish, I think there was an spelling error near towards the end from the third section.

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