Bob And Company

Had a lot of fun on WDAZ News @5 this week. We usually do, but especially this week with buddy Bob Zany and illusionist Keith West paying us visits. They’re appearing together this weekend at the Guesthouse Inn in Grand Forks. Oh, and showgirls the Zanettes.

By his own estimation, Bob has been trekking to Grand Forks to perform now for twenty years.  We’ve been “interviewing” him on television for most of those years.  During the run of the Dullum File on television, we’ve also put him to work at places like Hugo’s, PetCo and the Salvation Army.

Bob is shooting the pilot for a TV sit-com next week in LA.  He’s the lead actor.  The pilot is being written around his personality.  We wish him the very best with it.  Also, the documentary about his career, “Close, But No Cigar” will be available soon on DVD.

Today, a first for News @5. We’ve never had an illusionist perform for us on the 5. Although, Jack Sand has done some sleight of hand, come to think of it. Anway, Keith levitated Red River Valley Gymnastics Club member Bailee Espelien.

On the down side, neither Sir Elton John nor Greg Rixen were available to be with us this week. Both are very busy, you know.

Keith West