My Sources Tell Me

My sources tell me….

*  Marilyn Hagerty is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live next week.

*  Marilyn Hagerty is demanding that from now on her Herald byline read “Internet Sensation Marilyn Hagerty.”

*  Marilyn Hagerty is demanding “hair and makeup” at the Herald.

*  Marilyn Hagerty has been asked to host the Oscars next year.

*  Marilyn Hagerty was seen at the Russian Tea Room with Abe Vigoda.

*  Marilyn Hagerty has turned down Dancing with the Stars.

*  Marilyn Hagerty is in talks with producers of a new show with the working title “Live with Regis and Marilyn.”

*  Donald Trump is asking for a meeting with Marilyn Hagerty.

*  Ron Paul is seeking an endorsement from Marilyn Hagerty.

*  Marilyn Hagerty is in talks with the Food Network for a five-times-a-week series with the working title of “Chain Restaurants I Have Loved.”

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  1. Liz

    Betty White is becoming so ‘yesterday’…….jk……Marilyn Hagerty is North Dakota’s Betty White……those two should team up…….we have the Indian/White guy… ’bout a City Mouse/Country Mouse sorta thing? Seriously….I’m happy for her…..a once in a lifetime experience…..I just hope everyone is treating her kindly.

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