Leslie Bibb

Later this week on WDAZ News @5, we’re going to be chatting with Leslie Bibb, one of the stars of ABC’s new comedy GCB.

My Pizza With Wolfgang

Watching chef Wolfgang Puck prepare his Oscar menu for Robin Roberts on Good Morning America  and later today for the crew of The Chew, brought back a nearly suppressed memory. Puck was one of the first true celebrity chefs on television.  Today there seem to be hundreds trying to wear that moniker.  Mr. Puck gets…
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Intro To Mass Comm

Thanks to Richard Shafer for inviting me to talk with his Introduction to Mass Communications students yesterday at UND.  I told them everything I know about broadcast news.  That didn’t take long so we played a round of Richard’s infamous Knowledge Bowl.  I got to play the role of Alex Trebek.  The irony that Jeopardy! is opposite WDAZ…
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How Anthony Got His Wiggle Back

We’re going to be talking soon on WDAZ News @5 with Anthony Field of the Wiggles, arguably the most popular children’s musical group in the world, about his new memoir How I Got My Wiggle Back: A Memoir of Healing.

Going To Med School

Shared a very interesting conversation about prostate cancer with second-year medical students at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences yesterday.  I know a little something about prostate cancer.  What it’s like to have it and what it’s like not to have it. Actually, urologist Steven Shultz did most of the talking–and for good reason.  This is the…
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