Pizza And Wine

Had a great time talking with Bon Appetit magazine’s Chef de Cuisine (how about that?) Mary Nolan this evening on WDAZ News @5.

She has some great ideas for spicing up home-made pizza, so to speak, with fresh vegetables.  Since Mary was talking with us from Bon Appetit’s kitchen in Time Square in New York via satellite (as they say), I wanted to jump through the monitor screen to taste the pizza she was showing us.  Not for the first time, by the way.

I had no trouble tasting the delicious wine Nick Goldschmidt brought to the studio yesterday.  Nick is the owner of and winemaker for Goldschmidt Vineyards in California.  Originally from New Zealand, Nick’s family business is well established in Napa Valley.

Nick took part in a fundraiser at Sanders restaurant in Grand Forks to benefit the local chapter of the American Red Cross.  Happy Harry’s provided silent auction items and Kim Holmes of Sanders kicked in 20 bucks a plate.  Thanks all around.


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  1. nick

    thanks Terry i appreciate it
    all the best from wine country where it is a little warmer but also wetter.
    stay well and was great to meet you

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