Gary And Ted (and Me)

Not all television interviews are created (or even end up) equal.  Some of the most entertaining for me are sometimes the most uncomfortable for those watching at home, I think.

A lot of people I’ve talked with didn’t catch or grasp what actor Gary Busey said to me at the end of our interview with him and “disgraced” evangelist Ted Haggard yesterday on News @5 in advance of last night’s Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC.  One person heard Gary say, “Stay away from the bikers!”

Actually what he said was “Terry, do you get caught in a buffalo herd?” And then, “Stay away from the bison.”  It had nothing to do with NDSU and makes a little more sense if you know what he said before the cameras were on.

Before we actually started the interview Mr. Busey was teasing me about being in North Dakota.  Ted, on the other hand, piped up with, “I’ve been to North Dakota!  I’ve been to several churches there.”  Gary was chiding me good naturedly, asking, “Have you ever gotten lost in a buffalo herd?”  Many of Mr. Busey’s jokes are “unusual.”  In any event, his comment at the end of the interview makes (slightly) more sense if you know the back story.

Despite some negative comments here and on Facebook before and after our little News @5 conversation, I have to say I like both men well enough.  They have both lived interesting lives.  Busey has survived a serious motorcycle accident, cancer and substance abuse.  Haggard has survived a huge church scandal five years ago with his marriage in tack, at least.  They both seem to have a good sense of who they are.  Even if we don’t.

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  1. Kyle

    I didn’t get to watch your interview but laughed when I read your blog. After hearing this song on the radio last week I told my wife, out of the blue, You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo heard. She didn’t know who Roger Miller was so it made it that much funnier, I think she was a bit worried about me!

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