Looking Backward (and Forward)

Not being much for New Year’s resolutions (or New Year’s, now that I think about it), I do like to stop for a minute or two at the end of each year to thank some of the people who have touched the lives of Ginny and me.

So, without getting too verklempt hopefully, here goes.  In no particular order, thank you to:

*  Everybody who works at WDAZ.  You know some of their names, but probably not all of them.  It takes a village to make me look halfway decent on television.  They all work hard.  (For a long time, I have believed that the state’s motto should be changed to “North Dakota:  Where Almost Nobody is Overpaid.”)

*  Larry Olsen of Talent Productions who books speaking engagements for me.  He also keeps up my morale in a hundred different ways.  A phone call from Larry just makes me feel better.  We have worked together for years now.  Larry doesn’t like the word “agent” and neither do I.  We prefer the word “friends.”

*  Elaine West and Cindy Pic of West-Pic Travel for inviting me to “guest host” one of their company’s trips to Nashville, Memphis and Branson this year.  I’ve wanted to see Nashville especially for a long, long time. Guest hosting, it turns out, is not heavy lifting.  It was a hoot and one of the highlights of my year.

*  The doctors, nurses, techs etc. at Altru who keep us feeling well and who reassure us when we don’t.

*  Family and friends.  Online and otherwise.

*  Neighbors, whose kindness in so many ways never ceases to amaze me.

*  Channel 8 viewers who have always seemed to support me and rarely criticized me.

*  Ginny… for everything.

Here’s hoping your 2012 is healthy, happy and prosperous.  Happy New Year, y’all.

Sharing a wonderful glass of  Veuve Cliequot champagne on WDAZ News @5 with Greg Rixen of Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop.

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  1. Tyler Lindemann

    Hi Terry, I just wanted to drop a note of commendation to you on cutting out a successful nich in the local media market. Well done! Enjoy coming across some of your
    stories and comments with your ever present bits of humor. Happy 2012 and beyond!

  2. Ashley McMillan

    Your post warmed my heart Terry! So much to be thankful for this past year!!

    Does this include people who used to work at WDAZ and have left in recent months?

    Wishing you and Ginny the best in the coming year!

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