Food @5

It’s been kind of a food-filled week on WDAZ News @5.  Just the way we like them.

We’re started the week with Gail Simmons of Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts.  We quickly followed that by chatting with the host of the Food Network’s Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d’Arabian.  Both had some great holiday tips and recipes.

Then Thursday (as usual) Greg Rixen showed up from Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop in Grand Forks to mix up some great holiday cocktails to go along with the great food.

Finally Friday, we celebrated the 90th birthday of General Mills “First Lady of Food” Betty Crocker, no less.  Betty Crocker Food Editor Kristen Olsen joined us @5 from Betty Crocker Kitchen in Golden Valley, Minnesota with some recipes from the new edition of Betty’s Big Red Cookbook.  It turns out the new edition of the Betty Crocker Cookbook is not your mother’s.  Kristen showed us some of the “skinny” cocktails in the new book.  She also demonstrated a recipe from the “Boozy Baking” section of it.  Boozy baking being one of the bigger trends in cooking.  (I just report.)

In addition to all this, some of the most fun any of us at WDAZ had this week was seeing the big old Whalen’s Moving and Storage truck stuffed with Toys for Tots from our viewers.  No one does it better, you guys.  Thanks to all of you.

Happy Holidays!