Chuck And Rock

Wonderful party thrown by the Community Foundation and the Grand Forks Parks and Recreation Department last night at the new Choice Health and Fitness Center to recognize the generosity of those whose donations are making the center a reality. You read correctly. The party was at the new center under construction in south Grand Forks, and yes, this is November. Actually, the party was inside a tent inside the new facility, which is to be complete about a year from now.

I was honored to have been asked to accept a “Sunshine” award for buddy Rock Bundlie. Rock couldn’t be there. Ginny and I have known Rock and Chuck Bundlie forever. Chuck was WDAZ’s first and long-time news director. Chuck hired me and we worked together at Channel 8 for something like twenty-four or twenty-five years.

After reading about the need for funds for the new building Rock called the Park District with help. No one had to call her. (Choice Fitness is being built without a penny of tax money.)

Eventually, an area in the new center where members can relax in between games and workouts will have Chuck’s name on it. Chuck loved tennis. He also loved a good conversation. This will be perfect.

The award and the others given out last night were designed by Grand Forks’ own David Badman. As beautiful as all David’s work, they represent a river running through the community with the sun shining down on it.

Others recognized for their generosity last night include Jim Hansen, Bill Lee, Mary Loyland, Derrick Johnson, Myra Foundation,Jim & MaryDale Hansen Family, Dave & Nan Vaaler Family, Impact Foundation, Chris Greenberg, Rohinee Dample, Greg Opp, Rob Vollrath, Catherine Olson, Tim Crary Family, Joe Crary Family and Paul Sproule Family.

It goes without saying, perhaps, but thanks to all.