Mannheim Steamroller

Mannheim Steamroller, whose motto could be “playing Christmas music rather loudly for twenty-six years,” did a concert at the Chester Fritz tonight in Grand Forks, the first half in white tails.  That’s not easy to pull off.  (The white tails thing, I mean.)

Mannheim Steamroller has an east coast unit and a west coast unit, I found out.  It’s kind of like the Ringling Brothers Circus blue unit and the Ringling Brothers Circus  red unit–only different.

Anyway, it would be awesome if the Mannheim Steamroller east coast unit and Mannheim Steamroller west coast unit met up before the end of the holiday season and played a REALLY LOUD concert together somewhere in the middle of the country.  Somewhere like, say, Rugby.  They’d still be talking about it in Rugby next Christmas.

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