Smart People

Found out this week what it’s like talking with people a hundred times smarter than I am.  (Not that it’s too hard to find them.)

Case in point:  Brian Greene.  His four-part Fabric of the Cosmos series is airing Wednesdays this month on Prairie Public.  He’s one of the world’s leading physicists,  one people can understand.  He’s been called the “new” Carl Sagan.  His series is filled with great story-telling and incredibly beautiful animation.  It takes on some of the “big questions” like…. why is there air?  Wait, that was Cosby.

Yesterday we talked with journalist Gail Sheehy whose book Passages has sold several gazillion copies and changed (for real) millions of lives.  She doesn’t much use the word “aging” when she speaks about getting older, preferring instead to call it “growing.”  I’m pretty well grown.

By the way, I just finished my first book.  Now, I’m planning to read another one.

Next week we talk with the one and only Jim Belushi.  He’s smart, too, I bet.