Candidate Steinman

You never know who will turn up.  At a truck stop somewhere in Missouri (waiting for a nail to be pulled from a motor coach tire) several of us on our Nashville tour met Leonard Steinman.   Leonard is running for the Democratic nomination for governor of Missouri next year.

Leonard has run (unsuccessfully) for the U.S. House, Senate and several other offices in Missouri.  I think he did make it onto the Jefferson City city council.

Yesterday Leonard was wearing a pair of red, white and blue shorts, a campaign shirt and a very full beard. He was accompanied by his companion dog Bozo.  His late model car was covered in campaign slogans.  A fiscal conservative, Leonard told us he paid two hundred dollars for his vehicle.

The business cards he was handing out promise that, if elected, he will be “loyal/dishonest/lying/cheating.”  Leonard didn’t seem to mind that none of us on the bus could vote for him.

In addition to his full-time campaign, Leonard will be appearing at the Comedy Central Comedy Club in Des Moines Sunday, October 30.  It’s open mic night.

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  1. Fritz

    16 December 2014
    Leonard is current a candidate for Mayor for Jefferson City, Missouri, the capital city. So far, his only opposition is the former third ward councilman. Everything considered, he could win.

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