Had another great line-up of guests on WDAZ News @5 this week.  How do we get this lucky?

We talked with actress Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing and Dancing with the Stars.  She told us about about for people like her who suffer from chronic pain.

Earlier in the week, I got my flu shot on News @5.  You should, too. (Not on television necessarily, but you should.)

Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant, who play Lynette and Tom Skavo on ABC’s Desperate Housewives, talked with us this evening @5.   Felicity told us off the air (not making this up) that Tom finds a girlfriend this year on DH!  The Skavo marriage appears to be over for good this time.

We talked with two of the stars of Pan Am, which follows Desperate Housewives Sunday nights on ABC, Karine Vannase and Mike Vogel.  (Told you this was a good list.)

Chef Barton Seaver whipped up a terrific looking Alaska salmon dish for us from his new cookbook “For Cod and Country.”  Susan Westmoreland showed us a family pork meal from the new “Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookbook.”

Then, Steve Holm told us all about New Ulm, Minnesota’s  Schell’s Brewery.  On his way out, he forgot a “variety” six-pack of Schell’s products.  We tried to catch him as he was going out of the door, but it was too late.  So, we split up the beer.